Eurostar to Switzerland

Switzerland is an exciting tourism destination which has been continuously creating great zeal and enthusiasm in the heart and mind of every person sitting in any corner of the world. There are many picturesque locations in Switzerland including Berne, Geneva, Zurich, Basel and more that offer magnificent natural beauty. There are different modes of transportation to reach Switzerland from any part of the world but if you want to see the beauty of this amazing country and coming from London then Eurostar train is the best option that can easily pull you to the land of wonderland. The train is offering tickets from London to Switzerland for its seven stations for only £100 and that too for a round trip.

Eurostar is the fastest means of transportation that easily connects from London to Switzerland. With Eurostar, you can experience the most comfortable and least hectic way of travel while enjoying the scenic beauty during your journey. As five destinations including Basel, Berne, Geneva, Lausanne and Zurich of Switzerland are world recognized destination where can be reached quite easily taking the help of Eurostar. Let’s have a detail glance over it.

London to Berne

The easiest way to reach Berne by taking RER Line D. Metro tickets can be purchased at any of the UK Eurostar Terminal and onboard.

London to Geneva

In order to reach Geneva, you will have to go from Paris Gare Du Nord to Paris Gare de Lyon. You can take RER Line D which is the fastest way to reach the destination.

London to Lausanne

For reaching Lausanne as well, you need to connect to Paris Gare De Lynon from Gare Du Nord. Taxi and bus can also be taken quite easily.

London to Zurich

Zurich is a beautiful place in Switzerland where can be reached from Paris Gare Du Nord to Paris Gare de East which will take maximum ten minutes of walk.

The scenic mountains of Switzerland attracts tourists whole throughout the year. The wild flowers meadows criss-crossed by streams during summer and cool air and adrenaline rush of skiing during winter increase the heart beatings of the tourists merely hearing the name of the country itself. The country as well is an ideal place for those who love sports like skiing, paragliding, bigfoot, bobsleigh, snowboarding and more.

Eurostar provide passengers with one ticker for the complete journey as it has teamed up with Lyria. TGV Lyria is a service brand used for TGV lines that connects France and Switzerland. This proves that Eurostar has made travelling to Switzerland easier and convenient.

Making a plan before travelling to Switzerland with Eurostar can help you to save more money and opt various deals and offers. Other vital information about the Eurostar can be gained visiting its main website.

So, make your mind to experience the most affordable and comfortable travelling with Eurostar.