Ferry Dover Calais

Paris is the most visited country in the world as has many attractions and sights to entertain and make smile the visitors. The country is having the most glaring landmarks begins from Paris' Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe, to the spectacular scenery and coastline of southern France, including many tranquil beaches. Paris also has stunning mountain ranges that easily appeal adventure tourists who always seeks winter sports like Skiing and snowboarding etc. Besides that, the country is offering a number of options for the travellers.

London Paris Ferry

The tourists who wish to experience all the attractions of Paris can opt different modes of transportations like airlines and high speed Eurostar trains, Ferris and more. However, most of the tourists prefer to take Eurostar trains to experience the high speed journey in the train and outer scenery experience. It is completely worth to travel in it as you get unbelievable experience and comfort during traveling.

Different people have different tastes and interests. Those who love adventurous travel generally prefer to go by Ferry from Dover to Calais in Paris. It is one of the most excited and relaxed way of travelling from London to Paris and suits to those who are in hurry and prefer to enjoy the most amazing and hilarious views coastlines. The ferry Dover Calais offers you the most exciting and adventurous journey at the most affordable price. There are many companied such as Sea France, Norfolk Line and PO Ferries that provide ferry from Dover to Calais and help you in becoming a part of this fantasy journey. This ferry takes you to the French port in only one hour and ten minutes. You can easily get taxi from here to reach Paris with ease. If you are concerned to travel in a unique way then this is the good option for you.

Ferry was the most common way travelling from the UK to France before the inauguration of the channel tunnel. It provides a unique travel experience to the passengers even today. This three part journey first of all allow you to take a train from London to Dover and from there you need 65 minutes more to get from Dover Prior Station to Dover Eastern Docks or speed ferries terminal where you need to board the ferry again and after here can reach France taking taxi. Dover to Calais ferry route offers you a real alternative to the low cost airlines operators in both France and England. Ferries from Dover leave for France every hour or two and whilst the journey to the French port of Calais takes either half an hour or one hour.

The advantage of taking ferry is that you are allowed to carry a lot of luggage but definitely, ferry tickets going to be more expensive and need to pay separately for train tickets and local transport. The journey with ferry will be adventurous but take bit long time of about 9 hours.

A holiday break in Europe without a ferry travel is incomplete. So, seek a cheap ferry tour to have an extraordinary experience to Paris.