Eurostar to Avignon

The city Avignon is a cosmopolitan city of Europe, located in the south eastern France. The city is also known for its Palais des (Palace of the Popes) as it is the city to which the popes fled when leaving the corruption of Rome in the 14th century. But today it is popularly known as a prestigious cultural city of its colourful theatre festivals. The city occupies an oval shaped area which is covered by the parks and gardens. It is also listed in the UNESCO World Heritage site and has many world class architectural building, cobbled streets, museums and monuments etc. As far as population of the city is concerned, the city is not much populated. The climate has characterized as dry summer and cool and damp winter. The city as well often finds windy weather. Hence, the perfect time to visit Avignon is the summer season.

Eurostar London Avignon Train

The best option to travel within Europe is Eurostar train. Travelling through Eurostar provides you the most thrilling and most convenient experience. The train provide you more comfortable, short check-in process, punctuality, mindblowing on board facilities and chance to see the surrounding countryside beauty. This train that takes you to your destination run at the speed of 186mph. Therefore, journey through Eurostar is more comfortable and stress free.

If you wish to see the beautiful city Avignon with Eurostar then need to hop on the train from London St Pancras International Station to Avignon station. The good thing is that the train goes direct from London to Avignon from July to September with an average journey time of around 6 hours. The train covers the distance of about 1.8 miles to the south and hence you need not to change any other station in between. However, other time you need to change at Paris and travel on to Avignon on the TGV service. The fare of this high-speed train ticket starts at £69 one way or £109 return 2nd class. The whole journey from London to Avignon takes 5hrs and 55 minutes.

Eurostar London to Avignon train tickets for travelling can be booked online by visiting its original website. Cheap fares and discount offers can also be opted from the website. Latest deals and special offers information can be obtained visiting Eurostar deals to Avignon from London enable you to get ticket within £109. The Eurostar breaks to Avignon deal offer Eurostar breaks to Avignon through which you can easily book Eurostar tickets, Eurostar hotels and other amenities etc.

With London Avignon train, you can see some of the top must see attraction of Avignon are rich history, culture, heritage, beautiful sights, panoramic view of the city including Palais des Papes, Notre dame des doms, St. Pierre, Pont d'avignon, Calvet Museum, Musee du petit Palais, Musée Angladon, Musée Lapidaire, Musée Louis-Vouland, Musee ReQuien, Palais du Roure and more.

So, make a trip to Avignon with Eurostar and gain new experience in life.